So I’m trying to do an assignment and seriously cannot concentrate! Its due in less than 24 hours (I love pressure, can you not tell)


  • MBF me (workitawff) and my BOTM mitchlions
  • reblogs only! LIKES WILL DISQUALIFY YOU!
  • will post in lists of 5
  • this finishes when I finish my assignment! so if I go to sleep and have to finish it tomorrow (considering its 10:44PM that will happen), it’s still going!
  • I’ll delete this post when it finishes!

get reblogging loves! send me motivation to get bolded!

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HELLO LITTLE LIONS! Is Monday getting you down? Here we come to the rescue! 

(Remember how I mentioned a week ago that I hit 400, and that I want to thank you all? Here you go!) 

The theme for this promo is FOUR (I’m sure you can guess why) - so I’m collaborating for this promo with workitawff (Rachel), run-rhianna-run (Rhianna), fatmaninalittlesuit (John) and strivingforaperfectfit (Emily)! These four bloggers are a few of my favourites and I’m so honoured to be holding this promo with them! 

Rules of the game:

You must be following me, please! (Since this is to thank the little lions, after all!) 

- You also must follow the four great aforementioned bloggers! (Chances are, you already are following them though! And if you aren’t, you’re missing out on so muchhh!) 

- To take part, just reblog this post! Easy peasy! Note: you should be a positive blog though, I love blogs that spread sunshine!

- Everyone will be promoted in lists of ten, with four favs bolded on each list! Four blogs will also get a shout-out in the form of a solo promo!

- You’ll be promoted on all our dashboards - how wonderful, right?

- This promo will run till this Friday (18/4). Minimum 44 reblogs (heh heh heh), if not I’ll just promo people that took part in small lists :) 

I promise I’ll check everybody out, too! 

Smile, shine, be gorgeous! 

GUYS!!!! reblog, reblog, reblog! Follow all these awesome people! (I promise we are really friendly as well) and reblog to help mitchlions out in her first promo! (she is also a mega babe and has an amazing personality and soul)

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Q: hey beautiful Rachel! How's your day? :) I wanted to tell you about my biggest achievement. All my life I have been very insecure and I simply accepted the fact that hating myself is socially accepted. It almost destroyed me, but I overcame my orthorexia, I found a way to love myself. And I work on loving myself everyday! :) I want to make a change and I want to show others that it's okay to define your own definition of beauty and to speak of for your dreams, even if they're "different" ♥

Hello! I was literally about to message you to say how much I am fangirlling that you are following me! I absolutely love your blog and the message you portray with it. I am so glad that you have over came it as the messages you share with everyone are so uplifting and inspiring. Thank you for sharing <3 xx

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Q: My greatest achievement....I would have to say surviving. I was in an abusive marriage and was terrified to get out. It was making me suicidal. I ended up handling the divorce myself. My ex was trying to make me stay and trying to have the judge make me stay. I lost any friends I had in it. I was at my worst. The stress caused a lot of health problems, but I survived and I'm finally in a good place and relationship :) and getting back to myself.

umm you are amazing! I actually have no words, there are no words to describe how amazing you are for getting through something like that. After watching my mum go through something not as bad as that, I can only imagine, I appalled you and thank you for sharing <3 xx

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